zondag 23 oktober 2011

Let's talk about scrapbooking

I prommised to show you scrapbookdesingers that gives me inspiration.
(You can click on there names if you want to see there site)

1. My first one  who I like to show is "Dear Lizzy". I really love her photograpy and the way se use collorfull paper. It gives me joy to watch her designs and her happy crafting.

2. "
Paper & Ink" is my second love. This girl showed me that a paper can be nice without all *trilala* on it. you don't have to use all time embellishments, tags and onther stuff to make something  beautiful!

3. An other desinger is "Piradee". What I like about this girl is the paper she use and the way she cut the papers and combines it with her photo's . I recoment her layouts cause they are fabulous!

4. Last but not least is "Amy Tangerine". I adore the way she scrapbooks with manny pictures and the way she use embellishments. She gives scrapbooking a young touch.

So this is my inspirtion, let me know yours!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! What a fantastic idea!!! I'm familiar with a couple... off to have a looksee! TFS!

  2. thanks for highlighting me, so sweet of you~