zondag 23 september 2012


Every two weeks on Sunday, I foresee an eyecatcher. It can be a song, an object,
a recepie, tips,... something I like I like and I want  you to know. 
This is my first....

School almost begins, that's why it's time to introduce to you an agenda you have
to have!! Me, as a scrapbooker and an art-lover I really want to have a
 fabulous diary.

Did you saw already the agenda of Pip studio? 
Here you got a sneaky peek of mine

First I didn't want to buy it. It's a bit expensive (with a walllet of student).
But after a while I couldn't resit the pretyness of it!! Now I love love love him.
This is a diary you never trow away... and I got the idea to use papers of
 it for my scrapbooking as my schoolyear is over. Because there are some usefull
papers of it (little note-pages, phlotocollages,...). There is even a little enveloppe
 in agenda!!

If you don't have a diary make sure you go to the store and buy this one!!

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