zaterdag 1 september 2012

GR 20

After training, preparing and planning it's finally the time to
actually do it; walking the GR 20. Walking like the elephants in
 jungle book do <<click>> hihi...

This vacation my boyfriend and I decided to go hiking in Corse.
In this vacation I won't really sit on the back with a cocktail, (or
maybe not that much). I will enjoy the view of the incredible
 mountains, rocks and other nature. 

This is what we take with us.

The scrapbookers out here spotted probably the little notebook.  I don't

only use it to write down the funney memories, but each day I obligate
myself to answer a question. That makes it more amusing afterwards.
It's  something you all got to do... I'll give the questions and
answers when I'm back from Corse.

So I'm taking a little break (of two weeks) on my blog.

Enjoy your two weeks!!

1 opmerking:

  1. Ooh lieve Ellen, bedankt om mij zo op te fleuren met dat JungleBook-liedje ;-) Ondanks dat de probs nog niet opgelost zijn, voel 'k mij toch stukken beter nu ;-)
    Heel veel succes op jullie trip naar Corsica. Goeie moed, maar vooral GENIET!!

    Dikke Knuffel!!!