dinsdag 12 februari 2013

10 Photographytips

Today I become 22 years old, time to party :)

I love to travel and making pictures is for me a part of my vacation! Two weeks ago
I went to Germany with my boyfriend. This time I was experimenting with my 
photo camera for my vacation-project life-album. I like to share my 10 tips with you:

1. Take pictures by looking up and down.

2. Take a picture by your point of view.

3. Don't forget to make a picture of yourself. Ask someone
or when there 
is nobody else put the camera on a rock, on the
ground,... and
 take a picture of yourself!

4. Dare to take pictures without flash in dark spaces (you can
see more of 
the atmosphere on the second photo). 

5. Do always have your camera nearby.

6. Sow the overall view of the environment.

7. These clocks on the corners disturb the first picture. 
It's better to show how much there is of something.

8. Play with the perspectives. This photo is something different than 
a plate with food on, but you still see went to a restaurant.

9. Make a record of the funny moments

10. Do not forget capturing the strange things

Have a fantastic, happy and unforgettable day 

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