donderdag 10 januari 2013

10 questions

10 questions on the 10th; about me and scrapbooking:

1. What is the discription of scrapbooking  for me?
I think it's a creative manner to have your pictures stocked. But I have 
to admid it's more then that; it's having free time, having a shopping
addiction (to get the newest stuff), it's making international contacts by talking
over it 
and at least but maybe the most important it's making memories 
come alive again.

2. How did I found out about scrapbooking?
I was looking around on the internet and clicked one site after the other.
I suddenly saw the site of Rahel Menig. I thought see made cool stuff with
her pictures and beautiful papers. I looked on her site and kept on
vissiting for weeks and learned more about scrapping.

3. Why I scrapbook?
Because we are living in a thechnologic century. We are making more
pictures than ever, but  we put them on our computers and never see
them again. I think scrapbooking it's a manner to give the pictures a 
new live.
Now I see them over and over again. I also love to have creative output.

4. What's my inspiration for a page?
I love to join every month some competitions. I don't do it for the chance to 
win (althought it's fun to win sometimes), but I do it because they
challenge me to use/do things I normally won't. It always turn out 
unexpected. I like ARTastic and From Screen 2 Scrap the most.

5. Who is my beloved designer wright now?
Christine Middlecamp!! I love the way she makes her own embellishments.
She layers her paper, wood veneers, buttons,... so well. It's really unique 
and that's what I love the most!

6. What's my most adored collection?
I don't really have a favorite collection, but I like Crate Paper's collections
a lot. They put girlish and vintage together in modern papers. 
I also enjoy visiting there website. 

7. What is my top 3 favorite things to use on a scrap page?
I like to use envelopes, where I put my memorabilia in, on a first page of a
The second thing I love to use is little pearls.  And the last thing I
like to use, 
but not always do, different word stickers on one page.

8. Where do I buy my stuff?
In my country they don't really know scrapbooking. There is just one store 
where I can buy my stuff, but it isn't that big and they don't really know many 
manufactures (they don't know Crate Paper, American Crafts, Bella BLVD,....). 
But once a year I go to the Netherlands because there are
stores with so much pappery, stamps, buttons,.... Something I can dream 
about whole year long.

9. Is there something I like to do in future?
Yes, I want to make a scrapbook page with pictures about me
 scrapbooking. The idea came from a video from Mercytiara on YouTube.
I think its fun, because it's a part of my life I have to capture to!

Her channel - Click            ~            Her site - Click

10. AND YOU??
Post a blog and let other people know about scrapbooking.

See you soon!

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