woensdag 10 april 2013

10 random facts about me

On the blog of Geekgalz I found a blog post with 5 random facts
of the blog owner. I thought this was a good idea and spread my
10 random facts about me on the 10’Th of April.

1. Art
In studied arts in high school and I still didn't broke off the habit. 
During the lessons I'm drawing other students and friends.

2. Cooking
I'm learning to cook and this week it's the first time I'll cook a
whole menu for my boyfriend (starter, main menu and dessert).

3. Earrings
Buying earrings is my number one addiction :D

4. Glitter Girl
Every wednesday I keep a little space to see
the new 
 Glitter Girl Adventure on twopeasinabucket.

5. Marzipan
I love to eat marzipan...

6. Fristi
Last week I drunk some Fristi (confession).

7. Dolphins
I dream to swim with dolphins once in my life *lol*.

8. Vacation
 I want to go on vacation in Guatemala or Thailand. I hope
to go and be there for a moth when I have my diploma
 (I have to wait for 1 year).

9. Driving license
I still don't have a driving license (tumtudummm).
Actually I have to study right now... Sssst

So what about you?

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