maandag 8 september 2014

Creative blog Hop

Ieps there!! Today there is a slightly different post, I joined the “Creative blog Hop”. Each Monday people that are tagged write a post. In this way we can meet other people and different styles. Today it's my time. I was tagged by Alice. She was one of my buddy’s on SNL design team, she is very creative and I love her alternating projects a lot!! So be sure to check her website.

Up to the questions:

1. What I am working on?
I’m/was working on a first canvas with some image stamps from Some Odd Girl. Lately I started to paint again, for me it’s a big thing, because I did art and I forget how I loved it. I’m happy I’m painting again. I didn’t paint for 5 years and starting with painting was a long time goal for me. I really struggled with starting, that’s why I decided to show you a canvas, because it’s really a new and important chapter in my life.  Later this week you will see this one on my blog or in my gallery:).
If you like to see my first painting process after 5 years, you can watch my video:

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?
These kind of questions are always difficult. I don’t think about my ‘style’ too much. I think I work with a lot bright colors. I love cutesy things and my love for Amy, Shimelle Laine and Wilna Fursteburg is probably hiding in my projects too (I definitely use their techniques).

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
I’ve always been creative; my parents didn’t want to me to go to arts school in the beginning. That's why I started with it as a hobbyist in an academy. At my 5th grade I could start in an art school. I loved it! I started with making scrapbook pages just because I thought it was a shame to take too much pictures and never see them again. Now with making cards, painting and make all different kind of projects I think it’s just meant to be. Art/creativity it just one of the things that define who I’m.

4 How does my writing/creative process work?
I see a lot of works in galleries, blogs, YouTube and Pinterest. Next to that I’ve my moments; when I’ve exams I start doodling while thinking and my brain comes up with this awesome projects.

Normally I should link up 2/3 people, unfortunately I didn’t have so much time to find someone (I had exams). So I only have one person for you, but I know you would like to see her work. I invited Sam she will make a blog post next Monday (15 September). Stay tuned for that!
NL: Sorry voor mijn Nederlandse lezers, maar zulke grote blogpost nemen veel tijd in beslag om ze te dubbel te schrijven. Daarnaast denk ik dat jullie wel weg kunnen met mijn basis Engels :).

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  1. Leuk om zo wat meer over je te lezen, Ellen.
    En wat een leuke layout heb je erbij geplaatst. Vind 'm gaaf!